Disclaimer: First off... to any of you who might have found my diary, and now know what town I live in, and some of my common friends, please don't share this diary with anyone. This is my private place to vent my frustrations. If you want to read it... that's fine.. but don't go passing it around is what I mean. I don't go searching for your dirty laundry to publish throughout the world. Leave me a comment, talk to me, whatever floats your boat... but don't go home and tell people from my area... "Hey... Guess what I found!!" Please... Thank You.

2013-03-06 - 10:16 p.m.
Holy Shit DLAND is still here!

Oh... My... Goodness...

I had no IDEA Diaryland hadn't died and dropped off the face of the earth!!!

I just assumed that it wasn't even around anymore. Hell I just spent a little bit of time re-reading my own, and had to chuckle at me saying I finally decided to join the 21st century and create a Myspace page.

LMFAO... I haven't even signed into that in years either!

Well... Now that I remember this is here... I will update once in while. A truly private diary now... as everyone else who used to follow me... has probably abandoned DLand too. :)

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